Abu became a Company Member in 2013. He has appeared here in Wilson Wants it All (2010), The Sparrow (Arsht 2011), Death & Harry Houdini (Ensemble, Chicago and Arsht 2012, 2013) and Ploughed Under: An American Songbook (2013). Abu has also been seen at Steppenwolf, Dog & Pony, Strawdog, Infusion, and StageLeft and is an artistic associate at Chicago Dramatists and Voice of the City.

Was Cast in:

  • Ploughed Under: An American Songbook

    Kevin O'Donnell's original compositions now come front-and-center as The House weaves American folk stories and tall tales into a rich tapestry of all-original music. In this theatrical concert, each song is a story into itself, some familiar, some forgotten, connecting to our musical roots to the churning of our early history.

    Excerpt from FOR AND AGAINST
    John Brown and the start of the Civil War (1859)
    Featured: Kevin Crowley on lead guitar and lead vocals, also singer/musicians Abu Ansari, Alejandro Cordoba, Carla Kessler, Christine Mayland Perkins, and Genevieve VenJohnson with musicians Kevin O'Donnell and Maria McCullough, Yahvi Pichardo and Matt Martin.