Director of Marketing and Audience Development

Chelsea has worked in marketing, patron services, and audience development for over 15 years. Hailing from California, she moved to Chicago in 2002 and loved The House before she'd even seen a show here. In fact, her first experience with The House was seeing The Rocketman in 2004 and for years, a giant picture of Chris and Carolyn hung in her cubicle, full-circle-style. If you get asked to buy tickets at The House, become a Member, come to an event, or post something on Facebook, Chelsea probably had something to do with it. 


Before joining The House, she worked for several years with Jason Loewith at Next Theatre Company as the Marketing Director and Artistic Administrator. She learned a whole lot there. She served at Remy Bumppo Theatre Company as the Director of Marketing and Audience Development under Executive Director Kristin Larsen in 2010 and 2011. And she's done the storefront thing with her own past company, Sandbox Theatre Project, and at The Building Stage, where she worked as an actor, but also picked up things shaped like marketing and audience-related duties, because she just can't stay away!


As an actor, Chelsea joined the 2009 cast of Rose and the Rime, and the 2010 cast of Thieves Like Us. She is married to company member Lee Keenan, so has long considered herself a House in-law. Basically, she wants everyone to have the super-fan experience she had (who are we kidding, STILL HAS) at House shows, and hopes her work helps make that happen.


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