Lizzie’s development journey began at Northwestern University where she was a Program Assistant in Alumni Relations and Development. She then became the Development Coordinator at Theater Wit, fulfilling a lifetime dream of being paid to work in the theatre. Her [volunteer] theatre employment began when she moved to Chicago 10 (!) years ago. Companies and positions include American Theater Company (Festival Producer), Next Theatre (Casting), Collaboraction (Assistant to the Artistic Director), About Face Theatre (Strategic Planning). She is also a director and playwright, frequently working with Red Theater Collective, where she is a Company Member.


Lizzie first learned of The House at Southern Methodist University where she received a BFA in Theater Studies. Many of The House’s founding members also attended SMU so the story of graduates made good in Chicago is widespread folklore. Before she moved to Chicago, she attended a rehearsal of The Sparrow with a friend in the cast and even sublet the apartment of former Managing Director Brian Frederick. It is both thrilling and appropriate that she finds herself now working alongside these talented individuals.