Open House at Chicago Performance Lab


Join us this summer for a sneak peek at new work being developed at The House! We are thrilled to host and support 15 original works of theatre in the Chicago area this summer!


On August 5, you have the opportunity to experience a few of these exciting new projects in one afternoon! We'll break into small groups and tour each project in various creative spaces in the state-of-the-art Logan Center. Afterward, we'll all convene on the patio for pizza, beer, and camaraderie!


SATURDAY, AUGUST 5 at 4:00pm

Chicago Performance Lab

University of Chicago

915 E. 60th St

Chicago, IL 60637


FREE! You can RSVP here.


We've got 15 projects workshopping this summer at CPL. Here's the five that we'll share snippets from on August 5th.



By Brett Neveu and Jason Narducy

Directed by Nathan Allen

The story of how punk rock saved a lost kid's present and future life. It’s 1982. After making the long flight from Seattle, Dave and his parents head to his cousin Tracey’s home in Evanston for a summertime visit. Tracey and her teenage bandmates, all serious punk rockers stuck in suburbia, blow Dave away with their stories, their brashness, their ability to overcome damaging family crap with their overall punk excellentness as they head toward playing a make-or-break show.


Ellen Bond, Union Spy

Written by Jenni Lamb

Music, Lyrics & Movement by Tanji Harper & Blu Rhythm Collective

Conceived & Directed by Jess McLeod

The year is 1864. The Civil War has ripped America in half, and while Union forces greatly outnumber the Confederates, Jefferson Davis and his generals doggedly persevere. Who can help end the war and free slaves once and for all? Enter Ellen Bond, Union Spy! Mary Bowser is the (real!) freed former slave woman who risked her life to go undercover as "Ellen Bond, dim-witted but able servant" inside the Confederate White House. "Ellen" cooks, cleans, and uses her photographic memory to collect military intelligence from the papers on Davis's desk to help win the war and free American slaves. Meet Mary/Ellen, her fellow spies, and the generals and gentility of the Confederacy in this new multi-genre serio-comedy featuring contemporary music and fantastical breakout dance sequences!



Hatfield & McCoy

By Shawn Pfautsch

Music by Matt Kahler and Shawn Pfautsch

Directed by Matt Hawkins

Murder and moonshine! Hoe-Downs and Holy Rollin’! It’s the true tale of the most infamous family feud in American history. Gunplay and romance erupt between the Hatfields and McCoys, served up with a heaping helping of bluegrass and bloody revenge. Shawn Pfautsch’s love letter to Romeo and Juliet in a philosophically polarized America was originally produced in Season 4. Inspired by the true story of the famous families at war. 



Little Girl, Don't Fall

By Jesse Roth, with music by Matthew Muñiz

An adaptation of the Bluebeard fairytale, Little Girl, Don’t Fall is a heroine’s journey, a gothic ghost-story, and a fairytale mash-up musical for young women who don’t know how to fall in love–and are too chippy to listen to those who try to tell them.


Nova to Lodestar

By Nathan Allen, Lee Keenan, Sandor Weisz

Nova to Lodestar is a live, asymmetric, cooperative game played by two teams in two separate rooms. Players take on the roles of space miners set adrift after their ships collide.




Show Dates: Aug 5 2017 Location: Logan Center for the Arts, 915 E 60th Street, Chicago On the campus of the University of Chicago