Hatfield & McCoy


By Shawn Pfautsch
Original Songs by Shawn Pfautsch and Matt Kahler
Directed by Matt Hawkins

RUN DATES: January 19- March 11, 2018 
RUN TIME: Approximately 2 hours 30 minutes, plus an intermission
PRICES: $20-$50
GROUPS: 10+ people? Save at least 15% when you bring a group!
AGES: With guns, righteousness and unneighborly conduct, this show is recommended for adults and teens.


"Hatfield & McCoy is a feud worth taking seriously." ★★★

Chris Jones, The Chicago Tribune

A sweeping historical saga, with more than a touch of romance. Definitely worth the visit.”

Chicagoland Musical Theatre

“It is a well done production that opens up ones’ eyes to what can happen when hate gets in the way of life itself.” ★★★★

Around the Town Chicago

“The House has another hit on its hands.” ★★★ 1/2

Chicago On Stage

A Joseph Jeff Awards Recommended Production


On the border of Kentucky and West Virginia, North and South, fact and fiction, two cabins both alike in dignity wage a whip-smart war of words and bullets. Hatfield & McCoy is inspired by the true tale of the most infamous family feud in American history. Set at the close of the Civil War, a battle of Us versus Them catches two young lovers in a deadly cycle of violence.

Gunfire and romance escalate when young Rose Anna McCoy and Johnse Hatfield fall in love, marry in secret, and vow to reconcile their feuding families. Their tale of woe is served up with a heaping helping of original Americana tunes, connecting their past to our present.


New music created for the show represents Americana styles across generations, from bluegrass to 2017 pop. Hatfield & McCoy features a live band on stage comprised of synths, keyboards, an upright bass, fiddle, and guitar plus actors playing guitars, mandolins, banjos, and vocals. 

Hatfield & McCoy is filled with live music, and features a cast of 20!














Show Dates: Jan 19 2018 to Mar 11 2018 Location: Chopin Theatre 1543 W Division St Chicago IL




  • Levicy Hatfield
  • Jim Vance
  • Jeff Mills
    Bad Lias Hatfield
  • Kyle Whalen
    Johnse Hatfield
  • Jenni M. Hadley
    Hatfield Sister
  • Tia Pinson
    Hatfield Sister
  • Ann Delaney
    Hatfield Sister
  • Anish Jethmalani
    Ol Ranl McCoy
  • Sarah McCoy
  • Bradley Grant Smith
    "Squirrel Huntin" Sam McCoy
  • Haley Bolithon
    Rose Anna McCoy
  • Calvin McCoy
  • Khloe Janel
    Alifair McCoy
  • Cody Proctor
    Asa "Harmon" McCoy
  • Tommy Malouf
    Tolbert McCoy
  • Royen Kent
    Pharmer McCoy
  • Kyle Ryan
    Through 1/21/18 - Randolph "Bud" McCoy
  • Bill Staton
  • Jamie Vann
    Marshal Frank Phillips
  • Adam Benjamin
    Understudy for Devil Anse Hatfield and Ol Ranl
  • Tobi Mattingly
    Understudy for Levicy Hatfield and Sara McCoy
  • Jacob Fjare
    Understudy for Jim Vance, Bad Lias Hatfield, and Marshal Frank Phillips
  • Andy Monson
    Understudy for Bill Stanton, Harmon McCoy, Sam McCoy, and a Sibling Swing
  • Ethan Peterson
    After 1/25/18 - Randolph 'Bud' McCoy
  • Keyboards
  • Jake Saleh
    Upright Bass
  • Jess McIntosh
  • Patrik Ahlberg
    Fiddle understudy
  • Noah Applebaum
    Understudy for Mr. Peterson and Mr. Kent


  • Lauren Batson
    Stage Manager
  • V Bustoz
    Assistant Stage Manager
  • Coco Ree Lemery
    Scenic Charge
  • Madison Smith
    Assistant Director
  • Carlos Olmedo
    Asst. Music Director
  • Chloe Baldwin
    Fight Choreo Intern
  • Amalie Vega
    Assistant Stage Manager
  • Laura Duncan
    Wardrobe Crew
  • Tracee Bear
    Wardrobe Crew
  • Kenny Cole
    Audio Engineer
  • Means of Production
    Scene Shop
  • Caswell James
    Stage Carpenter
  • Jerica Hucke
    Costume Manager
  • Jason Shivers
    Master Electrician


  • Scenic/ Lighting Designer
  • Emily McConnell
    Costume Designer
  • Grover Hollway
    Sound Designer
  • Matt Kahler
  • Music Director
  • Katherine Scott
  • Director of Casting
Hatfield & McCoy Trailer
Here's a sneak peak of our recent revival of Hatfield & McCoy, an American love story of epic proportions. Listen to the first song of the show and get a look at the amazing talent in our twenty person ensemble.
Music Director Matthew Muñiz gives a sneak-peek into Hatfield & McCoy
Choreographer Katherine Scott shares how she creates the movement for Hatfield & McCoy