Based on the works of Carlo Collodi
Adapted for the stage by Company Members Joseph Steakly and Ben Lobpries
Directed by Company Member Chris Mathews

March 28 - May 19, 2019 at Chopin Theatre




A tall tale about telling the truth


The House brings to life the classic fairy tale of a wooden boy who wishes to become real. Carved from an enchanted stump from the charred Black Forest, toy-shop owner Geppetto's puppet child flourishes. The growing Pinocchio devours books and the complex worlds they reveal. He relishes musicals and the emotional ride they offer. And he longs to sink his adolescent teeth into real relationships and conversations beyond the walls of his storefront home. There must be more out there! But this protective father keeps Pinocchio's wild branches trimmed back, and forbids venturing out. A method sure to inspire rebellion in this precocious, curious not-quite-real young man. 


Pinocchio will be portrayed by a stunning, life-size Bunraku-inspired puppet, created and crafted by Chicago Puppet Studios.


Funny, imaginative, and moving, Pinocchio explores how the lies we tell ourselves hurt those we love.


This production is recommended for adults and those ages 11 and up.


Production Sponsors: Scott Hughes, David Shapiro, The Elizabeth F Cheney Foundation, The Pauls Foundation

Show Dates: Mar 28 2019 to May 19 2019