Rose and The Rime


A modern myth for the Middle West


By Nathan Allen, Chris Mathews, and Jake Minton
Directed by Nathan Allen


PRICE: $15 for Previews, $20-$45 for Regular Run and Extension

TIMES: Thursdays & Fridays at 8:00pm, Saturdays at 3:00pm & 8:00pm, and Sundays at 3:00pm & 7:00pm

RUN TIME: 85 minutes, no intermission


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Wondering about bringing kids to the show? Check out our Parent's Guide.


"Likable, poignant, gently involving, full of inventive staging"
– Chicago Tribune
"Fantastical, funny, suspenseful, and moving"
- Chicago Reader
"BREATHTAKING production"
- Centerstage
- Kelly Kleiman, Dueling Critics

- Chicago Critic
"an INCREDIBLE visual spectacle"
- Stage and Cinema
"WIDE-EYED WONDER - well-crafted and lovingly executed"
- Chicago Theatre Beat
-Our Urban Times
"OUTSTANDING stagecraft and acrobatics"
- Choose Chicago

- The Fourth Walsh

Radio Falls, Michigan, has been trapped in perpetual winter for a generation, and the constant blizzard surrounding the town means there’s no way in or out. It is up to our young heroine named Rose to save Radio Falls from the vicious curse of the Rime Witch. But when she succeeds, Radio Falls discovers the witch’s magic coin has two sides. This modern version of The House’s favorite, original myth is a reminder that anything powerful enough to fulfill your dreams is powerful enough to destroy them.

First seen in the company’s sixth season, Rose and the Rime enjoys an enhanced production with aerial spectacle and magic. It will also play at the Arsht Center in Miami in May 2014.
Show Dates: Jan 18 2014 to Mar 23 2014 Location:

The Chopin Theatre
1543 W. Division St., Chicago, IL





  • Ericka Ratcliff
    Witch, Ensemble
  • Sam Guinan-Nyhart
    Charlie, Ensemble
  • Brandon Holmes
    Jimmy, Ensemble
  • Jeremy Sonkin
  • Tamara White
  • Kara Davidson
  • Gaby Labotka
    Female Understudy
  • Dan Toot


  • Kelly Claussen
    Stage Manager
  • Amy Hilber
    Costume Manager
  • Will Dean
    Master Electrician
  • Bridgid Danahy
    Wardrobe Supervisor
  • Danielle Whaley
    Assistant Stage Manager
  • Marrissa Miles-Coccaro
    Sub Assistant Stage Manager


Rose and the Rime: Montage

A "Rose and the Rime" montage of all the fantastic goings on in Radio Falls!


Rose and the Rime - Wolves in the Woods

Wolves stalk Rose in a mysterious forest, and when Rose loses her way, they surround her.


Lots of love for our new production of Rose and the Rime!


"The winter show that offers A SENSUAL DOSE OF SUMMER. Likable, poignant, gently involving... full of inventive physical staging. You can enjoy this piece on several levels."
- Chris Jones, Chicago Tribune


"Fantastical, funny, suspenseful, and moving, it's athletic, passionate, whimsical, and visually inventive. First-rate family entertainment!"
- Chicago Reader


"You marvel at such fresh creativity... This kaleidoscopic play will surprise and challenge"
- Chicago Critic


"Breathtaking production... promises a not-to-be-missed experience!"
- Centerstage 


"An INCREDIBLE visual spectacle - There’s plenty here to delight young viewers!" 

- Stage and Cinema


"I always say I’m not much for fairy tales – then I see a House production and realize the error of my ways. Well-crafted and lovingly executed… combines intellectual and physical skills with a sense of WIDE-EYED WONDER."
- Chicago Theatre Beat


On FOX-TV Chicago "Theatre company catches lightning in a bottle:  In a city home to more than 200 theater companies, The House Theater of Chicago doesn't just survive – they thrive." - Jake Hamilton for Good Day Chicago


Raves from our 2009 production

– Chicago Tribune


“Wonderfully IMAGINATIVE stagecraft and a unique approach to movement."
– Chicago Sun-Times


"Charms, teases, and thrills! Pure shivery brilliance!"


"Kinetic spectacle, created by the power of our imaginations"
-Windy City Times



Parent's Guide to Rose and the Rime

Hello grown ups!


Before bringing young kids to see our show Rose and the Rime, it’s great to know a bit about what the show will entail. We love this show and want you and your family to come see it, but we also understand the importance of knowing what exactly you’re bringing your child to. Is it scary? (Possibly!) Is the content appropriate for my child? (Most likely!) Is there stuff they’ll like? (Definitely.)


Overall, we’d say kids 6 and up will feel good seeing this show. If you brought your 5 year old to see The Nutcracker and they loved it, we think they’ll be good here too.  Though please note the next item about the show's length.


The first thing to consider is that this show runs about 85 minutes WITHOUT an intermission and without late seating.  If your little one can go see a movie and sit through the whole thing, they’ll be fine at this show. But if you have to leave the movie theater a couple of times during the movie due to wiggleyness/bladders/a great need for popcorn/etc. you might be cautious taking your little one to see this show. Due to the layout of the set, if you do leave the theater we cannot guarantee that you will be re-sat in your original seats. 


Warning: SPOILERS AHEAD!  Here’s a quick guide to some content in the play.


Things they’re gonna love:

 * The overall story! In this original fairytale, our heroine Rose goes on a big adventure to save her town by stealing back the town’s Magic Coin from the wicked Rime Witch.


 * Rose is a feast for your senses! Not only is it a beautiful play that you’re watching up close (the farthest away you’ll be is 5 rows up!), but we rely on movement, music and visual elements to tell the story. The emphasis on action, rather than speech, makes Rose more enjoyable and easier to follow for your little one.

 * Bunny puppets.

 * Lots of confetti snow.

 * 2 of the actors will be flying above your heads. What? Yeah.

 * There’s a magic coin in the play and a chocolate coin in the program.

 * There’s a huge BBQ party with bubbles and hot dogs and general hilarity

  * A few songs with live instruments played by the actors

 * Actors will come and say hello before and after the show.

 * Grown ups who have brought young and teen girls to this show have told us afterwards that Rose inspired some healthy conversation about self image and romantic relationships. Those can be tricky issues to bring up and we’re glad Rose helped facilitate those discussions!



Possible Scary Moments: (HERE COME THE SPOILERS!)


 * During Rose’s adventure she gets lost in the woods and chased by wolves (but she escapes!)

 * The Rime Witch is our “villain.” We meet the Witch smack dab in the middle of the show. She tries to (and temporarily succeeds) to eat Rose.  But Rose escapes from the Witch’s belly, killing the Rime Witch in the process.  

 * One of the main characters is killed towards the end of the play.



Moments they might have questions about:


 * Rose gives birth offstage to a stillborn child. There is nothing graphic about this scene and nothing said aloud about the baby being stillborn, it’s all implied. Immediately following that scene the baby is brought back to life with Rose’s Magic Coin.


  * (SPOILER ALERT) At the end of the play, Rose becomes the next Rime Witch and throws the town back into a perpetual winter. This might be the first time your child has experienced a story without the typical “happy ending,” which might lead them to voice questions or concerns about the way our show ends. One of the greatest benefits of seeing theater is the conversation that follows! It’s a perfect opportunity to engage with your little one, asking questions like: “Why do you think the writers chose to end it that way?” or “What would need to happen in the story for it to end ‘happily’?” 



Rose is one of our most beloved plays; it tackles big themes considered central to many of the stories told at The House while showcasing the magnificent stagecraft that we are capable of. Those elements aren’t lost on children. In fact more often than not your little one will pick up on a detail or moment that your adult eyes missed. I truly hope you feel that Rose is a good choice for your family. The joy of seeing this show and the teachable moments that follow are priceless.


If you have any other questions about content, seating layout or anything else please do not hesitate to contact me directly at or give us a call at 773.769.3832. See you at The House!



If you take a child to the theater, not only will they practice empathy, they might also laugh uproariously, or come home singing about science, or want to know more about history, or tell you what happened at school today, or spend all dinner discussing music, or learn how to handle conflict, or start becoming future patrons of the arts.”

–Lauren Gunderson 


Special Events at Rose and the Rime 


Immediately following the 3:00pm show on Sunday, February 9, there will be a talkback with the artists. The event is FREE with your ticket purchase. 



On Sunday, February 16, we invite you to join us for a preshow conversation with Writer/Director Nathan Allen and Writer Chris Mathews. The event begins at 2:15pm, and is FREE with your ticket purchase for the 3:00pm show. RSVP here.



Join us Saturday, March 1, for Family Day! Your $40 ticket includes 1:30pm crafts, 3:00pm show, and a talkback afterwards with members of the cast and crew. RSVP for crafts here.