Thieves Like Us


Thieves Like Us follows one man’s quest to make his own morality.


Written by Damon Kiely
Based on the novel by Edward Anderson
Directed by Kimberly Senior 


Set in the Depression-era dustbowl, Thieves Like Us follows one man’s quest to make his own morality. Bowie Bowers busts out of Alky prison and goes on a spree of bank robberies with hardened criminals T-Dub and Chicamaw. His newfound gal Keechie wants him to give up the life and settle down. Bowie figures he’s no more a thief than the politicians and bankers who steal with their brains instead of a gun. When the law busts up the gang Bowie is forced to make a decision: does he lam it for Mexico with Keechie by himself or does he break Chicamaw out of jail to be their guide? Kimberly Senior (founder and company member emeritus of Collaboraction Theatre Company) directs the third House show developed in partnership with a university.

Show Dates: Sep 9 2010 to Oct 30 2010 Location:

The Chopin Theatre

1543 West Division Street, Chicago, IL 60642


  • Kimberly Senior


  • Damon Kelly


  • John Byrnes
    Bowie Bowers
  • Keechie
  • Chicamaw
  • Tom Hickey
  • Lula/Ms. Biggerstaff/Hurt Woman/Grocery Lady/Tourist/Nurse/Desk Clerk 1
  • Bridget Haight
    Mattie/Mother/Desk Clerk 2
  • Beth Sagal
    Fabulous Torch Singer
  • Tim Curtis
    Dee/Ted/Hawkins/Desk Clerk 3
  • Guard 2/Police Man/Officer 2/Mr. Berger/Lambert/Bank Manager/Desk Clerk 2/Stammers
  • Guard 1/Officer 1/Plumber/Cook/Ticket Clerk/Brave Man/Desk Clerk 1/Voice


  • Production Manager
  • Kate Guthrie
    Stage Manager
  • Brae Singleton
    Assistant Stage Manager
  • Ryan Poethke
    Technical Director
  • Mietka Van der Ploeg
    Costume Manager
  • Liz Wilson
    Wardrobe Supervisor
  • Will Dean
    Master Electrician


  • AJ Ware
    Assistant Director
  • Derek Matson
  • Composer/Music Director
  • Choreographer
  • Scenic Designer
  • Emma Deane
    Assistant Scenic Designer
  • Alison Siple
    Costume Designer
  • Charlie Cooper
    Lighting Designer
  • Nic Jones
    Assistant Lighting Designer
  • Christopher Kriz
    Sound Designer
  • Nick Sandys
    Fight Choreographer
  • Stephen Anderson
    Assistant Fight Choreographer
  • Bridget Haight
    Dialect Coach
  • Maria DeFabo
    Props Master
  • Ann Brady
    Assistant Props Master