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Help create amazing feats of storytelling by making a donation to The House Theatre of Chicago. The House depends on support from all areas of the community, including the generous contributions made by fans like you.


Being a Hero for The House comes with rewards!* Check out what it means to be a Hero for The House below.


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Checks may be mailed and made payable to:
The House Theatre of Chicago
4020 N Rockwell St
Chicago, IL 60618


For information about production sponsorship levels beginning at $5,000, contact Lizzie Lovelady at lizzie (at) or 773.769.3832.



Heroes for The House:

Champions Circle

$4,800+ Or $400+/month

For information about production sponsorship levels beginning at $5,000, contact Development Manager Lizzie Lovelady at or 773.769.3832.

You. Win. As a Guardian of The House, you claim your title as one of The House’s most stalwart champions. The House has you to rely on and thank for ensuring that our work is safeguarded against calamity (arrows) and advancing our organization to new heights. You receive the benefits of all the levels below, including 2 SuperPack Memberships. You’ll also receive an original drawing of YOU, AS A SUPERHERO, by company member and DC Comics artist Chris Burnham (who currently draws BATMAN INCORPORATED for Grant Morrison). Highly frame-able. Highly brag-able. You’ll also get to join Artistic Director Nathan Allen for a charming dinner.


$2,400+ or $200+/month

Clearly you’re out on the frontlines, charging forth with The House cause to inspire community through amazing feats of storytelling. You’ll receive 2 SuperPack Memberships and all of the thank yous below, as well as a personal liaison to the company. One of our uniquely talented and endlessly fascinating Company Members will personally curate your experience at The House, sharing what’s popping for them in our work as well as where they’re currently finding inspiration in culture, books, and music.


$1,200+ or $100+/month

By becoming a Champion, you go the extra mile to make The House one of your most valued cultural and social priorities in Chicago. And, as one of our most valued supporters, we’ll set you up with 2 Full Memberships, send you all of the thank you gifts below, as well as your choice of autographed, dedicated memorabilia.



Heroes Circle 

Super Hero
$600+ or $50+/month

Get in the action. To keep you abreast of all the ways your support helps us in the fray, you’ll have specially granted access to open rehearsals, first readings, tech visits, and other special events to go along with your 2 Basic Memberships that include tickets to plays, discounts for friends, and preferred booking. As a further thank you, you’ll receive all of the gifts below.


$300+ or $25/month

You’re right there at our side to root us on and take on the cause when we need you most. Benefits include a Basic Membership to The House, invitations to Opening Nights, a House tee shirt to proudly (and handsomely) sport your team affiliation, as well as the gifts below!


$120+ or $10+/month

To help you with your work for us out in the field, gathering the resources and intel we need, you’ll get discounts on merchandise and additional ticket purchases for friends. You’ll also get a piece of merchandise of your choice. Signed posters make a great addition to any wall!


$60+ or $5/month

Artistic Director Nathan Allen will write you personally to welcome you into the cause. He’ll even send you an official season pin for you to support The House with a touch of stylish flair (custom created by illustrators extraordinaire Delicious Design League). As an agent, you’ll get priority access to ticket purchasing and discounts. What’s more, when we have special performance nights or events—you’ll be the first to know with invites and ways you can come play with us.


For information about production sponsorship levels beginning at $5,000, contact Development Manager Lizzie Lovelady at or 773.769.3832.


*The House Theatre of Chicago is a not-for-profit with 501©(3) status. Your gift may be tax-deductible to the extent allowable by law. 

+Fair market value for certain benefits will be subtracted from the total deductible amount.