What if we are late to the performance?

At The House, we like to create a seating arrangement that's just right for each play. This means that some productions can't offer late seating. If possible, the House Manager will sneak you in. If that's not possible, we'll do our best to re-book you for a future performance. 

Can I bring children to The House?

Yes! While most of our shows aren't specifically designed for kids, we have lots of younger guests.
The Magic Parlour is recommended for ages 12 and up, and we ask that one adult accompany each of three children. Babes in arms are not permitted at either venue.

Is there a Box Office I can visit during weekday hours?

No. While we'd love to see you during the week, we don't have a traditional Box Office window during work-day hours. You can call us at (773) 769-3832 and purchase over the phone with no added fees during our box office hours, or you can purchase 24 hours a day online. We open the Box Office window one hour prior to performances at The Chopin and 30 minutes prior to performances at The Palmer House.

Is the theatre accessible for persons with disabilities?

Yes. While we don't assign seats, if you or someone in your group uses a wheelchair, has trouble with steps or another issue, just let us know ahead of time. We can mark seats off for you so you can join us for the show comfortably! Note that there are about 6 steps with a railing on the way into the Chopin Theatre. Wheelchair access is available at the rear of the building, so let us know and we can meet you at that door and get you in safely.  We don't have assisted listening devices, however, the theatre seats everyone within 5 rows of the stage. The Palmer House is fully accessible. Please visit the Access program page for more info.

What's the dress code? Ie: Can I wear my swanky duds?

Play performances at the Chopin space are totally casual. Dress up, dress down, wear a cape, it's all good.
The Magic Parlour at the Palmer House is a dress-up occasion, and we recommend cocktail attire for all. It's not required, but it's fun and encouraged. Skip the shorts and crocs on this one.

What if I need to change my tickets?

Members enjoy free exchanges at any time in advance of their selected show date. Single tickets are non-refundable. If you find you cannot use your tickets for your show date, give us a call, and we'll do our best to re-book you. There may be a change in the price from your date to a new date, which you can easily pay over the phone. 

Are there concessions at the venue?

The Chopin Theatre venue offers a cash-only bar, with coffee, tea, sodas, waters, beer, wine, and limited liquor selections. Some sweet snacks are usually available as well. At The Magic Parlour, drinks are included with all tickets; wine, beer, and soft drink selections are served once we are in the parlour room. The Palmer House venue has two restaurants as well as a Starbucks on the street level.